comp.sys.sinclair London Meet #4

...or another excuse for a piss up. Had a good game of Chaos at this meet though. Oh, it occurred on the 1st of March 2003.

Born To Run

Camera Wars

Rob, Juice, Fred, Phil Kendall and Cyborg

Spike, A.J. Moss and Peter Thomas

Philip Kendall, Cyborg, and Dave The Lurker

Me (Derek Jolly), and Mal Franks

Matt Westcott and AJ Moss

Nattie gets her Absinthe

Extreme Close Up!!!

Proof that hedgehogs love Diet Coke

Both Mal and myself thought we'd better pay the relevant plug tax.

W@W! L@@K! R@R3!

Would've been rarer if it was in a working condition though.

Here's all the pics converted to a TAP file for the Speccy. Just LOAD "" on it.