YASPIC - Yet Another Spectrum Picture Converter

Because it takes ages to do all the steps in converting an image to a Speccy screen using the GIMP and bmp2spec I thought I'd have a go at writing an application that would do everything that was required. This is just about it.

yaspic.zip Version 1.5.1

There are instructions in the text file in the zip.
Here's some screenshots.

Speccy games cryptic crossword

Created with the excellent Eclipse crossword generator, all the answers are Spectrum games. See how well you can do.
Here's the crossword.

bmp2spec version 1.1

What's bmp2spec then, I hear you ask. Well, it's a little program Blood wrote which allows you to convert PC bitmaps to Spectrum screens. What you need to do is take a PC .bmp file, either resize or crop it to 256x192 pixels, decrease the colour depth to 2 (so it's monochrome) and run bmp2spec on it. Voila! One .tap file with your masterpiece nicely converted to a Spectrum SCREEN$ file that you can load with LOAD ""SCREEN$.

Originally this would always produce screens called "screen" in the tap file, but I added an enhancement a couple of years ago to let you name the screen, and this is the version here. Anyway, here it is.


And here's a tutorial on how to use it.


Now this is fun. pngtospec converts movie frames saved out as PNG files to one large tap file. Full-motion video on a Speccy (well, emulator)? No problem. This needs bmp2spec to work, and is a shell script, so needs a Unix shell environment to run. You can get these for Windows. Here it is.


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